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                       To Commission a Woodcarving - Each Carving is Hand Carved
-Each commission carving is unique and should be something you or the person that receives it will enjoy seeing for a very long time.
-Contact me by phone or e-mail to discuss what type of carving you would like. I will do a drawing based on  photos of your favorite place,home,vacation spot,family,friends,pets,special event and if you have no photos,let me know what you would like and I'm sure I can come up with something you will cherish. You will be able to suggest changes to the drawing untill we arrive at just what you want. (There is no cost or obligation to you for this first step)Once you have approved of the drawing and the cost, and have decided that I should go ahead with the carving a 25% down payment  is required for me to start and the remaining 75%  when  you receive the finished carving.

The pattern and carving below was made from pictures taken on a mens fishing trip to Jan Lake in Northern Saskatchewan,Canada.
   This pattern was made from the photos on the right.

The finished carving.
        Jan Lake